Tomato Cobbler and Southern Buttermilk Biscuits

Here it is. My very first recipe. It feels good to finally have a recipe on here! I’ve already learned so much and still have a ton I want to work on especially in the photography area. This tomato cobbler combines the sweet flavor of roasted tomatoes with warm flakey southern buttermilk biscuits. Add some Gruyère to the biscuit dough to really take it to another level.

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So it begins…

With a blog name finally chosen I write my first post. My goal for this blog is to hold myself accountable in creating something new and learning new skills. I will hopefully become a better baker, practice writing, learn new photography skills, and finally get around to playing with web design and some coding. Some of my recipes will be inspired originals and some will simply be an amazing recipe I saw on another blog. I work full-time so weekends, mainly Sundays, are really the only time I have to experiment with new recipes. I enjoy cooking and baking a variety of foods, but desserts are my favorite. Thus, Sweet Sunday Table now exists in this corner of the internet.