I’m so sorry that you were interested in my blog, clicked this link, and I haven’t yet fully written this section. I’m getting to it though!  It’s kind of tough to think about what I should include to describe me and this blog.  Until I have something more thought out I hope these bullet points will do. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog!

  • I’m a geologist full-time and yes, I like rocks
  • I’m a native South Carolinian now living in Texas
  • South Carolina and Texas are two different versions of the south that both have amazing food so they really influence what I cook and bake
  • I lived in Austin and now live in Houston. Houston’s immense cultural diversity has opened me up to so many foods I never knew!
  • I have a dog, a pound puppy named Gracie… her face may show up on here
  • My mom is Filipino, so some of those influences may be featured in posts
  • Some of my favorite foods include mac n cheese, biscuits, buttered toast, avocado toast, pho, strawberries, ice cream
  • I hate cutting onions, I cry every time. That’s where safety goggles and the boyfriend save the day