Chocolate Volcano Cakes

I love to watch the Great British Baking Show. They have a side series, Masterclass, where the two judges (Paul and Mary) give you their take on recipes the contestants had to make. From this spin-off I learn so much from watching these highly experienced people bake. In one episode Paul Hollywood made these Chocolate Volcanoes and I knew I had to try them for myself. They’re so easy and so amazing that I made them twice in one weekend because everyone called for more.

I’m only going to link to his recipe because I copied it exactly. Below is a little review about the process with some tips I learned along the way. Go ahead and try them out. You’ll be in love.

To melt the chocolate and butter create a double boiler on your stovetop. I used a saucepan of simmering water and placed a glass bowl on top making sure the bottom of the bowl didn’t touch the water.


Mixing the egg yolks and sugar properly is a crucial step! It will take around 5-7 minutes to achieve the thick mousse-like texture. It might not seem like it will ever reach this state, but it will!  Just keep beating. The color will be a pale yellow and you’ll see lines from the beaters fade back into the batter within a second. The batter will be pretty thick from all the air you’ve incorporated into the batter.


When folding in melted chocolate and flour be gentle so you don’t know all the air out of the eggs you just whipped up!

I don’t have proper pudding molds so, I used ramekins and it seems to work just fine. Pudding molds would make the end result taller and more volcano like. Using ramekins I ended up with chocolate mounds… still delicious! I was out of cocoa powder (gasp! I know!) but I lined the ramekins with butter and powdered sugar and it worked great. I think it would be prettier with cocoa powder, but next time!





These will be very hot! So be sure to use a kitchen towel or mitt when flipping them onto a plate.  Mine stuck to the sides, maybe because I used a ramekin or because of the powdered sugar. I slid a knife along the edges of the volcano and ramekin and it slid right out!

I ate these plain, no cream (didn’t have any on me) and they were wonderful!

My overall thoughts?  They’re very simple to make and only need a few ingredients. You can make them well ahead of time to sit in your fridge until ready to bake and eat. With the molten center you’ll definitely get the WOW! gasp from your guests. The size is just right to satisfy a chocolate dessert craving without being too rich and making you feel too full. I love them and will definitely be making them a lot more!